About Us

We believe in truth.

Truth is beautiful, no matter how repulsive, how counterintuitive. Even the truth that is diametrically opposed to everything we believe, everything we’ve ever been taught, everything we know and hold dear – is beautiful.

We believe that truth in the internet age is as easy to manipulate as the vast legions of idiots and idealists who desperately want to believe anything that upholds their views of how the world should be.

We are irreverent, sarcastic and unafraid of coming off sounding like assholes. We’ll give plenty of opinions, you can bet your ass. But we’ll never try to sell them as facts.

We are not against anybody. We are, however, against certain ‘principles’ and many popular tactics. We despise hate. We won’t put up with intolerance. We won’t push our beliefs onto anyone, but we won’t allow beliefs that are dressed up and labelled as facts, to spread unchallenged.

There are plenty of opinions on every topic worth having an opinion on – and on many topics that don’t appear to be. We believe everyone is entitled to any opinion they can dream up, even if we think that opinion is dreadfully stupid. We respect everyone’s right to have an opinion, but we show absolute disrespect for the random creation of ‘facts’ as evidence supporting an opinion.

As you may know, scientific evidence – in study after study over the course of decades – has overwhelmingly proven that people who use lies and misinformation to convince others their opinion is fact, have significantly longer large intestines (up to 80 feet longer!), and rectums up to 120% larger than people who just plain tell the truth. Scientists believe this allows them to add more manure to any idea, which makes it smell better to the imbeciles who blindly share their opinions.

It’s true…look it up.