Republican Mayor of Collins, MO & Pastor of the Temple Lot Church in Collins

In 2007, an Internet sting led to the arrest of Allen D. Kauffman, 62, the Republican mayor of Collins, Missouri, and pastor of Collins’ Temple Lot Church. Kauffman pleaded guilty to felony sexual misconduct.

In an online chat room, Kauffman expressed interest in fondling a 13-year-old girl’s genitals; attempted to solicit nude photographs of her; and encouraged her to engage in sexual activity with a friend while being recorded via a webcam. The 13-year-old girl – Cindy – was actually a decoy…a member of the Jasper County Sheriff’s Department.

Kauffman sent webcam pictures of his face and other body parts, and asked when he could meet her for the purpose of taking nude photographs and for sex.

Although sentenced to four years in jail, Kauffman was set free after completing a four-month sex offender treatment course in prison. That’s right, he served just four months of a four-year sentence.